Second hand bikes and Trade ins!


Did you know we accept second hand bikes here at Adrenalin sports and cycles.. We pride ourselves on giving life to old bikes and so we are always looking for new bikes to either save and resell or salvage for parts! All second hand bikes receive a full service when they are brought in store from our fully certified bike mechanic. These used bikes are of very high quality and all are in brilliant condition. In our store we take great interest in you receiving the best bike..We offer a fair price on second hand bikes so you can get an incredible deal on your second hand bike..


We also accept trade ins! This service gives you the opportunity to upgrade your bike.. When you trade in your old bike the value of it is put against your new bike,Therefore you are receiving your bike at a discounted price. When we receive your bike it is fully serviced before it is put back on the shelf for a new owner. This is a great service to give you the opportunity to upgrade your bike!

Call in store and bring your old bike in today! Bring home the old one today!! Contact us @ 069 77027 or 


Michael keyes

Hi I would like to trade in my trek remedy 7 2019 model. Tia. The bike is great condition.

Richard Campos

Hi my name is Richard I recently move in to Dublin a couple of months ago
And I noticed that my bike it’s ti much for me right now cus I only will be needing for transportation no for recreation purposes like it wa intended in my native country that’s Costa Rica
I’m hoping to sell or trade my bike for a other way of transportation

Kathleen Phelan

Looking to trade up boys bike for full size bike. Do you have stock and what kind of prices for second hand?

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