Size: 10


A contemporary looking, seamless football boot which adjusts to the foot like a sock. It is called Championship, because it is different from the others.
Weight: 233 gr.

The upper is made of light and breathable microfibre, which does not absorb water while retaining its original lightness. Traction-resistant lining made of nylon. With ONE PIECE technology, using a single, seamless piece, assisting its adjustment to the foot and preventing weight increase. With WATER RESISTANT technology (which prevents water absorption and retains its original lightness) and M COUNTER technology: a buttress at the heel providing better protection and greater comfort thanks to its ergonomic shape.

Semi-rigid PVC insole to firmly retain the structure of the sole studs throughout the shoe's useful life.
Pre-shaped EVA lining insole that adjusts to the shape of the foot and PU sole, with a structure that prevents torsion in the central part.


Chaw.701 JOMA CHAMPION 701 FG M 701

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