Waterproof Saddle Wedgebag 1L



Eba630 Waterproof Saddle Wedgebag 1L ASC

The ETC Arid Waterproof Wedge Bag makes the most of its one litre capacity with a shape that fits pretty much all of a ride's essentials in. It all stays dry, too.


The main thing I like about this ETC is the closure and attachment system. Attachment to the saddle rails is the usual affair, where a strap is sewn into the top centre of the bag and loops over each rail. But, instead of wrapping right around the bag and clipping together, these pass through a clamp connected to a long strap from underneath.

This means you can get a really good tension balance to stop the bag swaying whether it's being heavy, full or empty. A simple Velcro strap keeps it tight against the seatpost. It retains its shape too, helped by the reinforced base.

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