ETC Snug Leg Warmers

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Elw00 ETC Snug Leg Warmers ASC

ETC Snug Leg Warmers are an affordable option for cold rides when the mercury hasn't dipped far enough to warrant full winter bibs. While they do a good job of keeping you warm, the lack of smaller sizes is a real letdown, and the silicone strips are not a good combination with delicate skin.

ETC's leg warmers are made of a lightweight, fleece backed polyester-elastane blend. They have several panels intended to create an accommodating fit around the knee, and the construction belies the price tag; it's as neat as some £40 warmers I've used. Unfortunately, there are a few things elsewhere that might put you off.

2021 ETC Snug Leg Warmers - back.jpg

If I sit the tapered part around my knee, where it's supposed to be, the silicone gripper is VERY high up my leg. The lower hem sits well at the ankle, at least, but the fit here is loose.

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