Freestanding Speed Ball

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Freestanding Speed Ball

Sport Boxing
Brand Phoenix Fitness
Colour Black

About this item

  • Improves Fitness and Power - The Phoenix Fitness Speed ball is an excellent piece of fitness practice equipment for your boxing training, reactions, speed, reflexes and your punching power or kicking power.
  • Water / Sand Heavy Weight Chamber - You can fill the Speed Bag with either water or sand so the speedball will withstand all your hard hitting punches and power. Heavily weighted down so the free standing speed ball will not fall over with the strongest punches. THE PRODUCT IS UNFILLED / EMPTY.
  • Adjustable Height - The stands steel springs with a stainless steel structure ensures top quality materials for the professional standard of Phoenix Fitness. It also has adjustable height to suit your needs for your punches and kicks.
  • Hand Eye Co-ordination - As well as general fitness and boxing training, the speed ball will help your hand eye coordination and reaction times with the springed speedball. The ball is made with EVA foam filling.
  • Training Essential - This is an essential piece of equipment for your workout routine improving your cardio with speed and your raw punching power with reaction times to dodge the ball.
Product ID: Ry1071 Freestanding Speed Ball ASC

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