Giant Control Mini Combo Track Pump



Giant Control Mini Combo Track Pump

Imagine having a track pump to hand wherever you puncture - imagine no more, Control Mini Combo has arrived. Packing a mighty punch into a tiny aluminium body, Mini Combo features a fold out foot pad, rotational hose and T-handle - as well as an integrated pressure gauge. Inflating up to 120psi, with a high/low switch and Presta/Schrader compatible it's all you could want from a mini pump.


  • Material: Aluminium body

  • Gauge: 1¼" Gauge

  • Valve: Reversible head - Presta and Schrader

  • Handle: Pinch-free T-handle design

  • Hose: Rotational hose with unique roller system

  • Pressure: Inflates up to 120psi

Product ID: 610000067 Control Mini Combo (For Enduro) BLACK

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