Harrows Pro Matchplay Bristle Dartboard



Harrows Pro Matchplay Bristle dartboard

  • The Pro Matchplay Bristle dartboard from Harrows is a high-quality dart board that is suitable for use in competitions.
  • The extra thin wiring between the various compartments on the board ensures that there is less chance of bounce-outs: arrows from the board.
  • This is not only safer, but also ensures higher scores.
  • The bullseye of this Harrows dart board is staple free.
  • This means that the border of the absolute center of the board is not fixed with annoying staples.
  • This also reduces the risk of bouncers.
  • The Harrows Pro Matchplay Bristle dartboard is made of sisal.
  • Sisal is a tropical fiber that is extracted from plants of the agave family.
  • The number ring on the edge of the board is made in such a way that no reflection occurs when, for example, you let a lamp shine on the board.
  • So you always keep a good view of the dartboard.
Product ID: Ha306 Matchplay Bristle Dartboard ASC

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