Joma Sema Fluor Negro


Renewed design based on new trends. The Olimpo shoe is aimed at demanding runners. It is a shoe intended for high trail competition, strong, hard and very resistant. For all types of terrains.
The cut is made of breathable nylon, without seams and with reflective details to run more safely in areas of poor visibility. The toe cap is reinforced with welded TPU with relief. We incorporate the VTS ventilation system that lets the air pass, maintaining the constant temperature of the foot. The FIX COUNTER technology that brings the heel provides the shoe greater stability on irregular surfaces, and for greater protection and comfort to the foot. The mounted with the sole is made by the system 360 that facilitates the natural distribution of weight in the tread. Manufactured with JOMA SPORTECH technology, an injected rubber system that prevents seams and other rigid materials, creating a more comfortable structure, with greater flexing capacity and better adjustment to the foot. Designed with an internal mesh to prevent external elements from entering the cheek. Tab with LACE POCKET system, a pocket to keep the cord and thus avoid the hooks.
Pre-molded EVA insole adjusted to the foot shape for comfort. Natural EVA palm rest adjusted to the last of the foot to contribute to the cushioning absorbing the impact of the tread. It is sewn to the cut by the GLOVE SYSTEM technology that avoids the projecting seams keeping the rounded lines of the foot, thus providing greater lightness and comfort.
Divided into two parts, the upper part is made of EVA to cushion and run more comfortable, and the bottom is made with the new REBOUND sole that provides the necessary bounce to boost the race and facilitate the work of the athlete. A lighter and more elastic material with which one gains in comfort, resistance, cushioning, speed and adaptability.

The sole is made of rubber with a pattern of front heels for the grip on the rise and back drawing for the grip on the downhill. The studs protrude on the sides of the shoe to increase grip and protection.
The heel has a special pattern because it is a part of the sole that suffers a lot, has a shape that favors the grip, as in the toe of the sole. It incorporates an internal plate to avoid torsion and to stick stones or other elements.
It incorporates DURABILITY technology, which delays wear and lengthens the life of the shoe. It has STABILIS technology integrated in the enfranque to reduce the movements of the heel and the toe avoiding torsion and bending thus providing greater stability.