Pedal R550 SPD-SL

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Pedal R550 SPD-SL

The Shimano R550 pedals are a feature packed, resin bodied road model that sits below Shimano’s new 105 5700-C. The Japanese componentry behemoth is no stranger to using trickle down technology, and features that just a few years ago were only available in its top-of-the-line Dura-Ace range are now available in this lower end sibling.

The Shimano R550 (bottom) offers a composite construction, wider platform and replaceable metal cleat plate when compared with the R540 (top)

Clipping in with the supplied three-bolt, three-degree float, yellow cleat is a simple affair and ranks as one of the easiest road pedals to use. There’s a huge range to the adjustable spring tension, enabling you to easily increase the tension as your confidence improves. We do recommend a light chain-lube on the mechanism at first use, because clipping out can otherwise be a little sticky.

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