Puma Ultra 2.2 MxSG

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Puma Ultra 2.2 MxSG

Puma Ultra 2.2 MxSG football boot for adults. Knit boots, to be used on wet or natural grass pitches. Mid-tier boots in Puma black-Puma white- Yellow alert color. For speed players.

When Puma Football sets out for something, we quickly know that there will be madness coming out of the thinking minds of the German brand. Game On Pack is the most palpable proof that our beloved sport is no longer what it used to be. The true future is already here. Puma wants us to drive our opponents crazy, that they feel the blocking and pressure of our presence, of course, through our boots. Welcome to Game On Pack, welcome to the new “generation Zion”.


  • The new Ultra shell is integrated with a so-called new braided MATRYXEVO that favors interaction in contact with the ball. Grip Control Pro technology in key areas of the shell to provide complete control and precise grip on the ball when moving at extreme speeds.
  • Thanks to the new braided shell, the German brand has implemented an internal layer as a structure that keeps the foot totally watertight and wrapped. The soft heel acts as a perfect heel counter and its non-slip insole will ensure that there is no "roll-over" inside the boot.
  • Puma confirms the philosophy of speed by offering a combination of SG studs strategically distributed to achieve the best possible traction in any action of the game.
  • Developed for the player who competes in the semi-professional category and who is looking for mid-range boots with which to squeeze their speed to the maximum on damp or wet natural grass pitches.
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