Product description
Rear flasher SMART 317 R USB

- 1 extremely bright Nichia LED for perfect visibility + 2 Hi powered (1800mCD LED)
- waterproof body
- 2 light modes - superflash 80 lm and permanent lighting 40 lm
- endurance superflash 16 hours lighting 5 hours
- patented design - light is visible from an angle of 260 °
- visibility up to 1,600 meters
- 3.7 V Li-polymer battery
- universal silicone-rubber holder BH-676R (22 mm - 35 mm)
- weight: 38 grams including battery + 16 g holder
- mini USB charging cable is included in the package

- charging:
blue LED flashes during charging, after charging
the charging time is about 3 hours, the decrease in battery power is 10 - 20% after 200 charges
discharge protection: if the battery is low, the light starts flashing slowly
charge only from PC, NTB or mains charger with USB output

operating instructions:
- on: hold down the button for 2-3 seconds the light is activated
- off: hold down the button for 2-3 seconds the light goes out
- switching between modes: we switch the functions over and over each time the button is pressed

Battery type:
Rechargeable battery Panasonic Li-polymer 3.7 V / 550 mAh.
The battery is memoryless, so charge the battery to the maximum after each use without any worries. If you discharge it to the minimum, recharge as soon as possible.
Disconnecting the charging cable before or during charging does not damage the battery.
Storing fully discharged light shortens battery life.
If you do not use the light, the manufacturer recommends min. Charge the battery once in 3 months in the light.
The electronics completely control the charging and discharging, including the indication of the battery status and protect its overcharging or complete discharge.
When charging, keep the light under control, do not cover or place it on flammable materials, paper, carpet, etc.


Product ID: 33-125 Smart 317 R Light USB ASC

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