“A Kerryman, A Dutchman & A Hungarian are running in Belfast.......”

So with Christmas having just finished I hardly expected a surprise present in early January 2018 but that’s exactly what the guys at Adrenalin Sport & Cycles did, surprised me..... mind you, there was a catch !!!

I was gifted a pair of HOKA runners, with the simple task of run a few miles. Never one to shy from a challenge, I did just that, I ran.

My introduction to the HOKA Clatyon 2 was in Listowel at a Marathon Club of Ireland event, ok so I only did a 5k around the Town Park taking the opportunity to chat with the guys running the Marathon distance, but I was surprised how lightweight the HOKA’s were, as in appearance I expected the total opposite. From the outset I found them very comfortable and then I had an idea.....what would they be like over the 26.2 Marathon distance??

The only way to find out was enter a Marathon, so I entered 4 !!! Yeah like I said I never shy from a challenge, I entered along with my running buddy Edwin, already a HOKA convert, the East of Ireland /East Antrim Marathon Series Quadrathon.

In January we did our 1s t back to back Marathon Weekend, running in Staplestown Co. Kildare on the Saturday & Carrickfergus, Belfast on the Sunday. Having never attempted a Back to Back (B2B) before I expected a world of torture & pain, aside from regular marathon stiffness I couldn’t complain, well no actually I could, on the Sunday I was soaked through 6 layers of clothing as we ran in continuous rain, battered by waves from the adjacent Irish Sea and splashed by motorists on flooded roads....... But the HOKA’s.... played a blinder. The comfort of the cushioned landing when you do over 40,000 steps can’t be underestimated. The soft heel & outsole are ideal for anyone long distance running.

Then this past weekend was B2B #2, this time running in Lusk Co Dublin & GreenIsland, Belfast. So what did I learn...... its far nicer running in sunny condition when you are on your feet for over 4 hours at a time, everyone involved in long distance/ ultra running wears HOKAs, you end up signing up for yet more races when you chat to fellow runners, you lose track of all time when you run and it’s like your in a bubble, wait a minute.... Go back........ Everyone wears HOKAs in ultra/long distance running.

So let me explain, as we approached the last hour of the final marathon to achieve the Quadrathon medal I found myself running with my buddy Edwin, a Dutchman in Ireland 16 years and Daniel, a Hungarian settled in Dublin 10years, who we met on course as we leap frogged each other all day.

It had the making of a joke, “A Kerryman, A Dutchman & A Hungarian are running in Belfast.......”

I looked down and realised we were all wearing various versions of HOKA runners. These guys have Ultra running experience and swore they wouldn’t attempt these feats in any other brand. So, there’s only one way to find out.... I’m going to run 100km in MY HOKAs in 6 weeks time, my introduction to Ultra running, The Spartans Way 100km.

Note I said MY , that’s right guys I ain’t giving them back & I ain’t going back to any other brand..... HOKA is the way to go. Trust me, your feet will thank you.

MASSIVE THANK YOU to Chris & Crew @ Adrenalin Sports & Cycles



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