The importance of nutrition while training

Consistency is key regardless of what you're doing, especially when it comes to training. This includes your diet. Taking the correct supplements at the right time are vital to your performance. Supplements should be taken throughout your workouts in order to train your body to know when it's time to perform. In this blog post I'll walk you through the available products on sale here at Adrenalin, Newcastle West, and who these supplements are best suited for.


Gels/Caffeine boosts

Gels and caffeine tablets serve the same purpose, however, the time in which they are consumed are slightly different. Gels should be consumed for an energy boost during long periods of endurance exercise (e.g 10km run, marathon etc) this boost of energy will be enough to get you through that last 5km that could be crucial for the upcoming event. Caffeine tablets on the other hand can be consumed before endurance exercise to increase energy levels.I would not recommend these supplements be used for people who lift weights or do short distance endurance as it can lead to fat gain.

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Caffeine Jellies

Similar to the gels, jellies can be used during endurance exercise to give you an energy boost, however they can also be taken before exercise to jump start your energy systems. Do not use these jellies as a substitute for food as they have a quick release which could lead to lightheadedness.

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Staying hydrated is single handedly the most important part of endurance exercise and sometimes water just isn't enough, especially in hot weather. This is where electrolytes come in. This is a dissolvable tablet you put into your drink that helps you balance your water to salt ratio and prevents you from getting dehydrated. Now, this doesn’t sound very appealing to drink and you're right, it's not. However flavoured tablets such as berry, orange and cherry are in stock to make your water taste great too.

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Protein bars

Protein bars are used to help recover after exercise. The protein helps repair the muscles in order to progress your training and capabilities. It's best to consume the bar within two hours of exercise. These protein bars are suitable to all athletes, however body builders would need to consume more protein then swimmers for example. There are a variety of flavours available at Adrenalin such as vanilla and banana, dark chocolate and coffee and caramel.

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Recovery vs Whey Protein Shakes; Which should you choose?

The answer lies within a few questions: How hard do you train? A gruelling session will deplete glycogen levels, whereas a protein shake will be enough after hitting the gym for a quick workout.


When do you train in relation to your next meal? If you train straight after work, and you then need to commute home and start making dinner, a protein shake alone may not be enough post-workout fuel.


What are your training goals? If your main goal is to lose fat, protein shakes are probably your post-workout drink of choice (but bear in mind your next meal time). If you’re happy with your weight, and need to make sure you get enough fuel, try opting for a recovery drink.

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Plant Based Protein/ Diet Protein

Plant based protein is a vegan and vegetarian friendly way to increase your protein intake. This can be used as a performance supplement or as a way to have a healthy balanced diet. Diet protein is used in recovery for repair and growth of muscles after exercise. Therefore is suitable to all athletes due to its low calorie count.

Sports Vitamins

Sports Vitamins are used to protect your immune system so that you dont lose out on training due to illness. Taking one capsule during or after a workout will give your weakened immune system a defence boost to protect you from the likes of viruses and infections.


There are many varieties of supplements available at Adrenalin in Newcastle West. All of which are here to help you with your training regardless of whether your goal is related to endurance, strength or anything in between. Its important to take supplements at a consistent frequency so your body is in prime condition to perform and achieve your goal.


By Christopher Barrett