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Asics Gel Kayano 29 - Our thoughts

The Reviewer

Hi, my name is Nathan Cremin, I've been training and competing in the sport of track and field for nearly a decade now, mainly racing the 800 metres and 1500 metres and on average I run around 40 - 50 miles per week. Throughout my time as an athlete I have run thousands of miles in countless pairs of running shoes, giving myself a great knowledge on running shoes and their many different uses and abilities. In my post today I'll be giving you the reader my personal opinion and experience with the Gel Kayano 29s, what I found to be the shoes pros and cons, and what type of runs I would use the Gel Kayano 29s for.

The Review


First thing I noticed out of the box was the gel pocket at the heel of the shoe. I've never ran in anything with something as unique as the gel before so I was curious to see how it worked while running. Another thing I noticed was the weight of the shoe. While holding the shoe it felt quite heavy and I was worried that it might be a drawback for the Gel Kayano 29. 

The First Steps:

When I put the shoes on I instantly felt how comfortable the midsole was, especially the gel part in the heel, which squishes down and springs back up when compressed. 

Up and Running:

Starting off slow with my test on the treadmill I immediately noticed the gel pocket softening the landing and also how stable my foot felt in the shoe. This shoe is definitely designed for people who may have problems with unsupportive shoes and need one with more of a secure landing. I felt very locked down and found the upper to be very soft and comfortable around my foot. I mentioned the weight of the shoe being a possible con at the start of my review, however when i was running i could barely feel any difference between these shoes and some of the Hoka shoes Ive reviewed.


How do they compare:

They felt similar to the Bondi 8 in terms of landing lockdown. Also similar to the Bondi 8 is the fact that I didn't necessarily like the feeling of the shoe when I sped up as they felt a  bit too clunky for my liking. However, to be fair they aren't shoes designed for fast paces. 


In conclusion, if you're looking for a stability shoe that doesn't feel like one, this is the shoe for you. The Kayano 29 manages to give enough stability without it being restrictive or noticed. 

What its for:

The shoe shines in my eyes for long runs. If you want a shoe for tempo sessions or intervals, I would recommend something faster and lighter. For those runs, the Kayano lacks bounce and reactivity. The moderate weight is also too much for me personally. However the shoe is still a great option for runners who are just beginning or could even be used as a daily trainer. 

Final Thoughts:

Overall the Gel Kayano has an ability to live in both stability and neutral realms. Its a very dynamic shoe that could be used for any type of run, however i personally wouldnt use it for my faster runs



Nathan Cremin

Team Adrenalin


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