Bike to work scheme



We do bike to work scheme here in Adrenalin sports and cycles. Call to avail of this scheme and pick up your bike today with the bike to work scheme.


Bike to Work, Is here to help you take advantage of the recent Government initiative offering tax free bikes for cycling to work. Using the Bike to Work scheme, your employer can help you recieve a brand new bike and safety equipment worth up to €1,000.


There are a host of benefits available to employees should their workplace choose to launch a cycle to work scheme,  The savings you will make may vary depending on your tax credits, reliefs, and exemptions; or if you are a public servant. Please check your payslip to see the marginal tax rate at which you are paying PAYE and National Insurance Tax. Once payment is received by Bike to Work we will email you a voucher code with which you can collect your bike. 


While the exact calories burned on a ride varies between each person, their speed, and the topography, cycling on average burns as many calories as jogging, with considerably fewer negative impacts on the joints. Cycling improves cardio-vascular and aerobic fitness, lowers blood pressure, boosts energy, builds muscle, and improves coordination. Sneaking the health benefits of biking into your daily commute is so easy it almost feels like cheating!

2. Convenience 

One of the most common misconceptions about biking to work is that it’s inconvenient. But what’s more inconvenient than spending 10 minutes looking for parking every morning or getting stuck in an unexpected roadblock on the way? When you bike to work, finding parking is as easy as spotting the nearest pole, locking up, and walking away. Cyclists don’t get stuck in traffic jams and aren’t susceptible to the usual transit delays of driving or public transportation, making bike commuting as fast or faster than driving for most urban commutes. panniers and cycling bags  make carrying your work materials easy, and many workplaces  are now including secure bike parking, showers, and other facilities to make things even easier for employees who cycle to work.

3. Fun!

Biking to work is fun, plain and simple. Many people look back wistfully on fond childhood memories of riding their bike around their neighborhood, wishing they could still be so carefree amid the rigors of working life. Biking to work allows you integrate that simple feeling of exhilaration into your daily grind. Observe your surroundings, listen to the birds and wave at passing cyclists as you ride. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself wishing your commute were longer.

4. Happiness

Cycling to work will make you happier! . While most people would not identify sitting in traffic, navigating a congested city, or riding crowded public transit as activities that calm them down or make them happy, cycling to work can actually transform your daily commute into a moderate form of therapy. Numerous studies have shown that daily exercise can reduce stress,reduce symtoms of depression, hope to improve sleep patterns for people with insomnia, and reduce anxiety. Furthermore, exercising outdoors – both in urban and rural contexts – has been proven to helps self confidence and over all help your mood!

This is a brilliant amenity to avail of, call in store to avail of yours now and get cycling to work!!


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