Safety and cycling


The biggest vulnerability for a cyclist is visibility. It is very easy for a cyclist to get missed between road signs, traffic and pedestrians. Being visible is paramount to safe cycling when riding amongst traffic on the roads.

Light reflective gear like jackets with reflective strips etc are ideal, but the best thing to have been lights. Rear lights flashing away as well as front lights. They are much better than the reflective lights because they only light up when headlights hit them, whereas battery operated lights can be seen from up to 800 metres away, giving motorists plenty of time to adjust.

Most lights nowadays have three modes, flashing, constant and low to bright adjusting. The flashing mode is best as it is more eye catching and you get far more hours out of it. Same with front lights, just a notice, these days front lights are coming out very bright and from a distance may look like motorcycle lights, so to be distinguished also keep it on flashing mode.  Below are examples of front and rear lights and some clothing with reflective material





There are many style of lights out there.  There are USB charged lights now and longer lasting  as well.  


With Shorter days approaching, light is not always best in the morning and evenings, so stay safe, stay seen!!

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