Elite Sterzo

We have recently taken delivery of the new Elite Sterzo, the latest must have item in the world of turbo training. The first of its kind, the Elite Sterzo allows the rider to control their direction of movement on Zwift or other indoor riding apps. It works like any other riser, you place your front wheel in the groove and away you go. But unlike regular risers, the Sterzo has a pivot system built in, allowing you to turn your handlebars and dictate your direction on the screen in front of you. This allows your virtual self to move over and back in your lane or to turn left or right in the virtual world, instead of having to do so on your phone. The coolest perk of all perhaps is that it makes descending in Zwift relevant again, the Sterzo allows you to choose your line through corners, as you would outdoors, meaning you can gain time on your rivals without having to push any more watts! 



We have an Elite Sterzo set up here in Adrenalin so why not pop in and try it out for yourself!


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