Frog bikes

Did you know we stock kids Frogs bikes in store? 

These brilliant quality kids bikes have won many awards including "A Queens award for enterprise", "Reddot design award winner 2018",FSB wordplay award and "Insider made in the UK award" 

Frog bikes have been designed with the child in mind. They continually modify frames and components in collaboration with sports scientists at the Brunel University. Frog bikes are easier to learn on as they take away the stress of teaching children how to ride. Our littlest bikes have been designed to make learning as quick and easy as possible.. Confidence Boosting is a key element. Every detail of the frog bike is designed to instil confidence from day 1. Lightweight bikes mean rides can balance, pedal and stop with more control. plus easy reach brake levers make controlling speed a breeze. Frog bikes are more fun to ride! Lightweight, Brightly coloured and perfectly designed for comfort and pedalling efficiency,Children go further and faster on a frog bike! They are perfectly designed to hit the trails, the bold push the limits range takes cycling to another level!

Here at Adrenalin sports and cycles we are stockists of these amazing kids bikes! Get your kids cycling the ultimate frog bike and add memories to their first bike!

Call in store and grab yours today!

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