Gait Analysis

Here at Adrenalin Sports we offer a free gait analysis with the purchase of a new pair of runners in-store. What is gait analysis you ask? Why should you get it done? What is our process here at Adrenalin? Let's go through it.



Gait analysis is a study of how an individual performs while running and the movements their feet, ankles, knees and hips make. It is used to detect abnormalities that can cause pain and to fit a person for shoes that will be most conducive to their gait style. Chris, our resident shoe expert, will talk you through it in more detail when you are getting your own analysis done.


If you have had running/walking related injuries in the past or if you are taking up running/walking more seriously and want to prevent injuries in the future, gait analysis is definitely for you.



Our process here in-store is tried and tested. We will talk through any issues you've had in the past, what shoes you used to use previously and what your goals are for the future, whether that be just walking your local loop pain free or running a sub 3 hour marathon. We will then pick out various shoe options from our different brands that we think will suit your needs.

Now the real analysis begins, we will set you up running on our treadmill, while simultaneously being connected to the Zwift app (which will have you running in a virtual world) using a footpod. This allows us to replicate your real world gait more accurately as it will feel more natural than regular treadmill running.

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