Gait Analysis

Here at Adrenalin Sports we offer a free Gait Analysis with the purchase of a new pair of runners in-store. If you are a keen runner, a daily stroller or are simply on your feet at work, then Gait Analysis is for you.

The term "Gait Analysis" is often thrown around in the sports community, but what does it mean for you?
Gait Analysis is a method used to assess the way in which we run or walk to determine if we have any bio-mechanical or structural abnormalities in our lower limbs and feet. By performing a gait analysis, we can understand a customer’s gait cycle and recommend the correct footwear to meet their specific needs.
If you have had running/walking related injuries in the pastor if you are taking up walking/running and want to prevent injuries in the future, then gait analysis is for you.

How does it work?
Our process here in store is tried and tested. It starts off by an initial consultation with a staff member asking you some simple questions about any current problems you may be experiencing when walking or running. These questions aim to get to know you and the experiences, if any you’ve had with running or walking.
⦁ What distance do you run/walk per week?
⦁ What are your goals? Faster, Further, etc...
⦁ Do you suffer from any chronic injuries? Shin splints? Knee Pain? Etc.
⦁ Do you currently wear orthotics/ insoles?

You will then be asked to step on a treadmill and follow the instructions by our trained staff. You will be asked to walk/run on the treadmill at a comfortable pace, as you normally would. Don’t worry this is only a short assessment and it will not be strenuous! You will run in a virtual world, with the use of Zwift, and a lightweight footpod. This allows us to replicate your real world gait cycle more accurately, as it will feel more natural than regular tredmill running. We will then analyse your gait, select and test various shoe options from our different brands that we think will suit your needs.


There are a number of different options of Neutral and Stability footwear at every price point each with varying levels of cushioning and stability. Brands, colours and designs differ, but your needs as a runner come first. Recommendations will be made based on profiling, analysis results and customer preference. We will provide you with enough options to allow you to have a choice depending on your needs and price range.

Our Gait Analysis service is available daily, with no booking necessary. If our opening hours don't meet your schedule, then don`t worry, you can make an appointment for an out of hours Gait Analysis if required.

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