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Hi, my name is Nathan Cremin, I've been training and competing in the sport of track and field for nearly a decade now, mainly racing the 800 metres and 1500 metres and on average I run around 40 - 50 miles per week. Throughout my time as an athlete I have run thousands of miles in countless pairs of running shoes, giving myself a great knowledge on running shoes and their many different uses and abilities. In my post today I'll be giving you the reader my personal opinion and experience with the Hoka Clifton 8, what I found to be the shoes pros and cons, and what type of runs I would use the Clifton 8s for.


The Review:

I first came across the Hoka Clifton range when my training partner bought them 2 years ago and I was told about how soft and cushioned the shoe felt, but I never really paid much attention to the shoe until I finally got to test them out and take them for a run.


Straight out of the box the first thing I noticed was the sheer amount of foam in the midsole. From first glance the shoe looks bulky and heavy but once I picked them out of the box and laced them up I found them to be just the opposite of that. The shoe felt very light and I immediately noticed how soft the midsole felt just from walking around. Another feature I liked was the sleek design and colour pattern, with the blue colour and white foam making you stand out from the crowd.  After walking around in the shoe for a bit I decided it was time to do a test on the treadmill in the Adrenalin showroom.

I started off at a slower speed and gradually get faster and faster until I was almost sprinting. I found that at a slower pace the Clifton 8s were very smooth and responsive upon landing and I barely felt any contact with the ground whatsoever. The closest thing I could describe it to was that it was like running on clouds. My foot felt secured and supported and the upper was very breathable while I was running, with no slipping the heel which I hate. For my training runs I usually use shoes with a firm midsole so it felt strange to run in a shoe as soft as the Cliftons.

However One thing I did notice with the Clifton 8’s is that once the pace picked up the shoe did feel slightly bulky and I didnt feel as much of a pop from the foam as I did with other shoes. That being said, I did expect this as the shoe isn't really designed to go fast, but to provide you with support and protection from the hard pavements or roads you may run on during your runs, so this wasn't much of a con for me in the slightest.


To Sum Up:

In conclusion, I found the Hoka Clifton 8’s to be a unique experience to run in, I am yet to test a shoe with as much comfortability, and Hoka achieved this without going completely overboard on the midsole foam. They strike just the right balance between cushioning, support, and responsiveness, which helps to keep my legs from feeling fatigued even after I’ve logged several miles. Due to their comfortability I also use these shoes while working in the Adrenalin store and showroom and they do wonders to save my legs after walking around all day. Personally I would use this shoe for my slower long runs and not my faster tempo runs because I want to feel comfortable and at ease while I run and not like my legs are smashing the pavement, and the Hoka Clifton 8’s serve this purpose perfectly. 


Nathan Cremin

Team Adrenalin


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