Adrenalin Smart Trainer Process

Here at Adrenalin Sports we have a process we use with our customers to set them up for success when choosing their new Smart Trainer.


(Our Set-up)


Unique to Adrenalin, we offer you the choice to bring in your own bike and try your Smart Trainer of choice here in-store, from the comfort of your own saddle. We feel it is important that the customer sees for him/herself just how impressive these trainers are before walking out the door with one in hand. We will also have one of our assistants on hand to talk you through the various differneces between the Smart Trainers, allowing you to make an educated decision on which suits your needs best. (If it is not possible for you to bring in your own bike don't worry, we will have our trusty Fuji Transonic ready to go just incase!)


(The View)


We understand that 99% of people purchasing Smart Trainers are doing so to avail of Zwift and all the features it has to offer. Why wouldn't you? The app offers such a superior home training experience some poeple even prefer it to riding outdoors! With this in mind we also have Zwift set-up for our customers to use and try out. A Smart Trainer with Zwift is such an impressive combination, we're confident you'll be leaving our store very happy with your purchase. Feel free to drop into us here in Newcastle West as soon as possible, before we sell out again!