What's all the fuss about Zwift.?

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So, you've heard the lads banging on about Zwift and you're wondering what the fuss is all about. Well, basically it's about as Geeky or as Pro as you want to make indoor cycling to be. If you want to find out more and see a live demonstration, we have local cyclist Darragh O' Mahony, recently signed with Pro Cycling French Team CC Nogent-sur-Oise in store on Friday morning and he will be riding the top of the range Tacx Neo Trainer in the Interactive Virtual World that is Zwift. 

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darragh o mahony on adrenalin sports and cycles sponsored focus izalco max in the 2017 RAS

Darragh O'Mahony on Adrenalin Sports & Cycles sponsored Focus Max Izalco in the 2017 RAS

 Here is Darragh's review of the Zwift experience :

"Last week I got the opportunity to use Zwift for the first time ever.

Like many of you I have been listening to the hype surrounding the indoor cycling mecca for some time so I thought I would share my experiences and opinions. The application itself is pretty stunning at first, as cliché as it may sound, it is frighteningly similar to being outside.

As opposed to the constant urge I normally feel to pack it in during a regular turbo session I found myself zoning out, just as I would outside, except now down a road made of 0’s and 1’s.

However, there’s a hitch, I was using a Tacx Neo (Tacx’s top of the range indoor trainer). Resistance was automatically changed to mimic the terrain facing me on Zwift itself and said indoor trainer also had other tricks up its sleeve that made it more realistic.

This was obviously a big factor in the immersivity of the whole experience. As I have never used Zwift with a regular turbo trainer I can’t speak for how it would compare. What I can say is that if training indoors is your thing, whether that be down to time constraints or weather conditions, then making the investment in Zwift AND a top end trainer (like the Tacx Neo or Flux) would be a great idea."



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