Head Mx Spark Elite Blue 2022 Racquet



Head Mx Spark Elite Blue 2022 Racquet

The Head MX Spark Elite racquet is perfect for the casual player. It's constructed of graphite composite for light weight and maneuverability. It features a large 660cm² headsize that will give you power while forgiving of centering errors.
The 265g weight with 33.5cm balance makes it very maneuverable and the 16x19 string pattern makes it easy to access spin while maintaining control of the ball.

A perfect racquet for beginners or casual players who want a light and powerful racquet.


- Metallix: Metal alloy made with grains 1000 times smaller than on conventional metal, which will provide great durability
- ArCore: Shape of the frame at the heart of the racket improving torsional stability for more control and power.


Product ID:Mxsparkelite MX Spark Elite 2022 Tennis BLUE

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