Joma Propulsion 2017 FG A Petroleum

Size: 3.5


Joma Propulsion 2017 FG A Petroleum

Designed for those footballers looking for optimum lightweight and fitting. Every component has been created with the latest technology.

Top-quality water-resistant microfiber, which does not retain water and keeps the original lightweight of the shoe. Inner nylon for a better resistance. ONE 360 technology—no stitches, which facilitates adaptation to the foot and avoids increased weight. M COUNTER technology on the heel to reinforce it. WATER RESISTANT technology to avoid water absorption.
Preformed EVA insole to perfectly adjust the width fitting.
Top-quality nylon sole—the lightest Joma sole for playing professional football on natural grass. It weighs just 52 grams. UNIQUE is made with two densities to allow twisting and bending as required, so as to avoid deformations and potential injuries to footballers. Outer counter to improve the heel support.

Product ID: Pros.2017.FgkPros.2017.Fgk

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