Juice Lubes Wax Chain Lube



Juice Lubes Wax Chain Lube 130ml

Chain Juice Wax is the secret to sublime shifting in all but the crappiest of conditions. It’s best used alongside short sleeves, sun glasses and blue skies but won’t let you down when the rain rolls in. Forget what you know about wax lubes, our nerds have got this one nailed.

Wax takes a little more effort to apply than your normal lube but once on it penetrates deep into your chain for the smoothest, quietest, longest lasting lube around.

  • Suitable for on/off road use
  • Wax emulsion provides a dry self cleaning finish
  • Performs best in dry, dusty or damp conditions
  • Increases drive train life by reducing metal on metal contact
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Recyclable packaging

Product ID: Cjx1 Wax Chain Lube 130ml N/A

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