A Shoe For Every Occasion

In order to get the most out of your outdoor training you need appropriate attire so you are not weighed down or restricted. Your feet need special attention since they're the only part of you touching the ground. That's why in this post I'll be walking you through (pun intended) the footwear that'll keep your feet safe and comfortable. 


For running or walking I would recommend a shoe that is lightweight, durable and breathable. Asics specialise in shoes for runners so there's no fear of it falling apart after 2 uses. These shoes are versitile too as they can be used in the everyday. Just don't step in a puddle!


For hiking you want to protect your feet as much as possible. That's why we supply HI-TECH footwear. HI-TECH boots are designed to protect your feet as much as possible. These boots are durable, supportive and waterproof so you don't have to worry about twisting an ankle, or hurting your toes for that matter as these boots have a steel toe cap.


For those that don't know, fartlek training is a training method that requires the participant to run on different surfaces e.g. asphalt, grass, gravel ect. Therefore I recommend Futsal shoes. This is because futsal shoes have many small "studs" underneath them which will help you grip every surface you run on. As well as that they're lightweight, flexable and durable.

Field Sports

For field sports you need a boot with studs to grip the groud when you accelerate. But there are different kinds of boots. A football boot has longer, slimer, plastic studs called blades to help change dirrection quickly. Rugby studs on the other hand are metal and more cylindrical in shape to give maximum grip but you are more susceptible to twisting your ankle if you change directions quickly.

Now you have the information, it's time to gear up and get in shape....before we lose it again at Christmas. 

By Christopher Barrett

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