Indoor Turbo Training

Winter is here and that means no more training outside unless you fancy coming home blue. Thats where new advancements in technology come in to save the day. In this post I'll discuss the benifits of training indoors and how the products we have indoors can give you those benifits.

Time Efficiency

The single biggest benefit of training indoors is time efficiency. The KICKRCORE allows us to fit more quality work into a shorter time, which is a major positive for the time-constrained individual. Attacht your bike to the core and use the app to set a course and away you go! The Wahoo KICKRCORE gives the most realistic ride possible from the comfort of your own home. When indoors, every second of your training session is spent placing the exact desired force and workload through your pedals. Outdoor riding, on the other hand, can result in as much as 30 to 40 per cent of the time spent producing little if any power at all, due to downhill slopes and traffic lights.


When you ride inside you are no longer suseptible to the dangers of traffic, pot holes and dangerous roads. Similarly to the Wahoo KICKRCORE the Saris mag+, Fluid1 and Fluid2 provide a realistic yet safer way for you to ride! The sturdy frame keeps you upright regardless of how hard you push it. In the saddle and out, you know you'll be safe. But safety doesn't only matter while riding, all of these products fold up and can be stored in a compact place out of the way.


The constant resistance of a smart trainer supplies a greater stimulus when performing the same session as you would outdoors. This is due to the constant effort compared to the freewheeling, stopping or drafting that occurs outdoors. To add another element to your training, Wahoo KICKRCLIMBER is available in store. this machine is attached to the front of your bike and it will raise and lower your bike accordingly. If that's not enough the Wahoo KICKRHEADWIND will blow air at you at a force consistant to your speed when cycling. All these elements combinded will help increase your endurance as if you were actually out on the road.

Adrenalin Sports Newcastle West is one of only 3 retailers in Ireland to sell Wahoo products. So come in store or online to view these top of the range products on sale for the Black Friday event to help you train through this cold winter.

By Christopher Barrett

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