BBB TechStop Brake Pads Review

VERDICT: An inexpensive way to significantly improve your bikes braking performance.

I replaced my regular brake pads with these techstop pads a couple of months ago and have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of the pads for their price. 

The is a very noticeable increase in stopping power, compared to regular pads, with these in both dry and especially in wet conditions. In wet weather I can lock up my wheels in about half the time, which really improves your confidence on descents or when riding in a bunch.

The pads are also surprisingly hard-wearing, which is not always the case with softer, more expensive compounds. Despite the weather conditions I have been cycling in the past two months, I have yet to notice any significant wear on the pads.

Overall I would have to recommend the BBB Techstop brake pads, available here at Adrenalin Sports and Cycles for only €9.93. We will even fit them to your bike for you! 


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