Squirt Chain Lube Review

Squirt Chain Lube is the best chain lube I have used as a bike mechanic and is the only chain lube I now use, either on my own bike or in our workshop here at Adrenalin Sports and Cycles.



Compared to conventional chain lubes, which are oil based, squirt lube is a water and wax emulsion, which gives it a few main advantages over a conventional lubricant.


Your bike might get dirty but your chain will stay clean!

The main benefit of this is that wax doesn't attract dirt nearly as much as oil does. Because of this, your chain stays cleaner for longer and never gets as dirty. Having a clean chain is really important for several reasons; it allows your gears to work better and makes your drive train more efficient- meaning you can ride faster for the same effort! It is also much easier to keep your chain clean after using squirt lube, as very little gunk builds up on the chain, chain rings, cassette or jockey wheels.

In summary I would have to recommend Squirt Chain Lube to anyone who loves keeping a clean drive train or wants their bike to work as optimally as possible.


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