Choosing the right bike and why it's important

in the first instalment  we will discuss the different bikes out there and which one based on what you want to do would be the right choice..........

Choosing a bike Amongst hundreds

So you have decided to take up cycling. Your mates, family and work colleagues are all cycling and are egging you on. Which bike should you buy and why.. to get a better understanding we need to understand why there are different types of bicycles, like mountain bikes, road bikes, urban bikes, city bikes and a few more I am sure have been added to collection of style of cycling.

Now, which bike do I get, a mountain bike, road bike or city / trekking bike?

Getting about locally, Commuting to work, Easy recreational cycling, Fitness cycling, Off-Road Cycling and of course, those cycle tours over long distances.

Now bear in mind, different bikes have been built for specific types of riding so when choosing remember this




The cheaper the bike often the heavier and lower down the scale the components leading to higher maintenance. Also, generally the heavier the bike as well, making for those hilly rides uncomfortable.

Bikes normally start around the region of €250 and up. And even for just starting out whilst it may be an idea to keep the costs down, bear in mind that the ride may not offer what you are expecting and put you off. Not to say you have to spend a fortune, but rather buy selectively to the type of cycling you want to do.

It is advisable to spend somewhere in the region of €400 too €550. This would put you in the entry level to medium level range decent enough to offer you good rides. heading into the €700 to €900 range will put in the lower range of higher quality bikes meaning, lighter, better components. And once you head into the €1000 and up range you will be entering the mid to high range bikes, where weight and components are the order of the day, where you are buying for specific styles and requirements of cycling.

When getting into cycling  buy what you can afford or unless you already know what you are wanting buy the right bike

So now you enter a bike shop and BOOM hundreds of different types of bikes await you…

So for arguments sake, you have decided to get a bike to join the hundreds of others to cycle the greenways.. which bike do you choose, there are mountain bikes, trekking, road bikes etc..

Remember I said there are many different types of bikes, they have been built and designed for different styles of riding which also means (important), that your posture will be different. Road bikes for example are designed for speed, aerodynamics and looking down the road for obstacles, whilst a mountain bike is designed for off road, fast acceleration, manoeuvrability and looking right in front of you for obstacles, the city bikes, trekking bikes and urban bikes are designed for comfort, and greater visibility all around due to the high concentration of pedestrians, motorists ect. A more upright sitting position.

So, when you are looking at a bike try and make sure you know the type of riding you want to do, it will make choosing a bike much easier for yourself and for the salesman/lady.

Cycling is a fun sport and should not be an uncomfortable way to fitness and enjoying the great outdoors.

What do the different bikes offer?


Stay tuned for next week Monday, for the second installment 

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